Bobby Branham


Most entrepreneurs believe that if they don’t do it themselves it won’t be right. I am no exception to that rule. As a professional Motivational Speaker and Author, I found my website to be lacking in many ways and I didn’t know how to make it be what I wanted. I reminded myself that I often coach other business owners to outsource everything that is not their primary source of revenue. That’s when I contacted Brian at Goofyfooter Solutions. I have known Brian for many years and was well aware of his expertise in web design. Once I found out that he had started his own business at Goofyfooter Solutions I gave him a call. I spent some time with Brian as he took the time to learn more about my business and my desired results. By his getting to know me and my goals better, he was able to design a beautiful website that really pops! Brian understands all about the Internet algorithms and how the web crawlers work to seek out the right information on the web. Stuff that was all foreign to me. I motivate people through my speaking and writing, Brian motivates the web to lock on and lead people to your website. This generates revenue for your business. If you’re looking to build a brand-new website or wanting to upgrade your current one, Brian at Goofyfooter Solutions is the best choice.